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Consumption: Food and Choices

Consumption: Food and Choices

Available Wednesday, December 02 2020
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CAD$ 58.88
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    Maybe pick up something at the farmers market, or just grab some fast food on the way home? Or maybe that new recipe that you want to try out… Just don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Consumption: Food and Choices is an approachable worker placement and resource management game about meeting your body’s food needs. In Consumption you’ll play as a character with a particular diet preference to guide your strategy. Over six rounds you’ll try to live the best life you can though the food you eat and the activities engage in. You’ll need to shop for ingredients, eat out, complete recipes, and engage in activities. At the end of the game you’ll check to make sure your food needs have been met, gain points for success or lose points for failing to follow your diet’s preferences. Unique, thematic, and thoughtful presentation of food and nutrition designed by a dietitian. Fun and creative game that seamlessly addresses how we eat. Massive component count and strategic gameplay with an approachable rule set.


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