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(Feb 1) HTCS: Theros Beyond Death Limited

(Feb 1) HTCS: Theros Beyond Death Limited

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CAD$ 45.00
  • Description

    Round 3 features Theros Beyond Death Limited!

    Registration: 10:30am-10:55am
    Start Time: 11am
    Entry Fee: $45+tax
    Format: Sealed Deck, 6 boosters of THB, Top 8 Draft 3x THB
    Competitive REL, Deck Registration required (staff will photograph the contents of your pool, your main deck will be on a deck registration sheet)
    1x PWP Multiplier

    Duration: Swiss Rounds based on attendance, cut to Top 8 Draft


    1st: $200 Store Credit
    2nd: $200 Store Credit
    3rd-4th: $120 Store Credit
    5th-8th: $60 Store Credit
    9th-12th: $30 Store Credit
    13th-16th: $30 Store Credit (with 40 or more players)
    (5 rounds) Remaining players with 9 Match Points: $30 Store Credit
    (6 rounds) Remaining players with 12 Match Points: $30 Store Credit
    Addidtional Prizes awarded to Top 8 with 45 or more players

    All Competitors receive Challenge Series points. Point System:  hairyt.crystalcommerce.com/htcs2020

  • Details
    Game: Magic
    Time: 11am