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HTCS: Guilds of Ravnica Limited (Oct 6)

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CAD$ 44.25


Round 9 of Season Two features Guilds of Ravnica Sealed, on Release Weekend!

Registration: 11am-11:55am 
Start Time: 12:00pm 
Entry Fee: $50 ($44.25+HST)
Format: Sealed Deck, 6x GRN
Competitive REL
Deck Registration Required 
Duration: Swiss Rounds based on attendance, cut to Top 8 Draft (3x GRN)
1st: $360 Store Credit, Meals on Steel Playmat
2nd: $200 Store Credit 
3rd/4th: $100 Store Credit 
5th-8th: $60 Store Credit 
9th-12th: $30 Store Credit (With 40 or more players) 
13th-16th: $30 Store Credit (With 45 or more players) 
Additional Prizes to Top 8 with 50 or more players 

Top Competitors receive Challenge Series points.

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Available 05-03-19
Available 05-03-19
Available 05-03-19
Available 05-03-19