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(Apr 6) HTCS: Team Constructed

(Apr 6) HTCS: Team Constructed

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Note: Players on each team may register separately or together. Please include the names of your teammates when registering.


Round 11 of 2019 features Team Trios Constructed! Bring two friends and battle!

Registration: 12pm-12:55pm 
Start Time: 1:00pm 
Entry Fee: $30/player ($90/Team)
Format: Team Trios Constructed (Legacy, Modern, Standard)
Competitive REL 
1x PWP Multiplier
Decklists Required (Online Submission Form: https://goo.gl/forms/mWpUW1XwEdHxKSF52)
Duration: Swiss+1 Rounds based on attendance, cut to Top 4
Prizes (per Team): 
1st: $450 Store Credit, Meals on Steel Playmat
2nd: $300 Store Credit
3rd/4th: $150 Store Credit
5th-6th: $90 Store Credit (with 14 or more teams)
7th-8th: $90 Store Credit (with 16 or more teams)
Additional Prizes awarded to Top 4 with 18 or more teams

Top Competitors receive Challenge Series points. Point System: https://goo.gl/J1SXm9

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Available 01-25-19
Available 01-25-19
Available 01-25-19
Available 01-25-19