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Warhammer 40k Blazing Tournament

Warhammer 40k Blazing Tournament

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Format: Warhammer 40k 1250 Points, Matched Play Entry Fee: $10 (Per Player) Event Cap 8 Players Rounds: 3 rounds of Swiss or more based on attendance. Registration 12 pm - 1:55 Start 2 PM Prize - X - 0 Wins an Imperial Knight Warden (More prizing to be determined) Army Lists printed in Battle-scribe format required. Description: Get your Guns Blazing on April 20th and joins us at Hairy Tarantula for your chance to win a Imperial Knight Warden! Lists must be Battleforged. No Forge World Models Models need to be fully assembled. Models do not need to be fully painted! Proxying and Counts as units are allowed, at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer. Missions will be determined from the ITC Simplified Mission Playbook. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18u16xnoStYHxTUL0Eodjk3kTR4MCn9zyF1r3sZkOgfo/edit?usp=sharing

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