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Conan: Ancient Ruins and Cursed Cities

Conan: Ancient Ruins and Cursed Cities

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    The Hyborian world in the time of Conan teems with remote and forgotten places, brimming with danger and secrets. Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities is the ultimate Gamemaster reference for bringing these crumbling ruins and remote locales to life. Descriptions of famous ruins from Conans adventures, including Kuthchemes, Alkmeenon, and the ruined city along the Black Coast where Blit met her fate. New places inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard including the Nameless City, the mountain resort-city of Kamula, Lemurian and Atlantean ruins, and other settings from before the Cataclysm as well as locales from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H.P. Lovecraft such as Rlyeh, the City of the Old Ones, and others.

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