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Maximum Xcrawl: BostonCrawl

Maximum Xcrawl: BostonCrawl

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    Bang out and ship up to Boston!

    Ladies and gentleman, it’s the game that turns brass dragons green with envy, Maximum Xcrawl! Powered by the mighty Pathfinder gaming engine, Xcrawl is where dungeon hack and slash goes prime time and sells advertising space on the cooling corpses of your enemies.

    The BostonCrawl is the first full-lethal event of its kind to be held in Beantown, and the locals are taking it very seriously. Get ready for DJ Molly Militia's undead redcoats, the Hockey Stick of Doom, and a creature that is equal parts devastatingly dangerous and wicked refreshing – the beer golem!

    Rules Set: Pathfinder (compatible with Maximum Xcrawl) 
    Writer: Brendan J. LaSalle

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