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Pathfinder Adventure Path #99: Dance of the Damned (Hells Rebels 3 of 6)

Pathfinder Adventure Path #99: Dance of the Damned (Hell's Rebels 3 of 6)

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    With a hideout in the city of Kintargo established, the heroes of the growing rebellion are poised to take back the city. But before their group, the Silver Ravens, can strike against the diabolic House Thrune, a few final preparatory steps must be completed. Forging alliances with nearby tribes of aquatic elves and the free-city of Vyre and closing the mountain pass known as Menador Gap will cut off Cheliax’s easy sea and land routes, forcing Inquisitor Barzillai Thrune to rely on his resources at hand to defend his control of Kintargo. Yet nothing is as simple as it could be, and the dangers awaiting the heroes of the revolution in the nearby seas, mountains, and the sin-wracked city of Vyre are not always those you can defeat with a spell or sword. And, of course, Barzillai Thrune won’t take these new developments lying down — what retributive reaction might one of Cheliax’s most dangerous inquisitors have in plan for the Silver Ravens?

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    Author: Richard Pett
    Format: Softcover
    Page Count: 96