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Paranoia - Criminal Histories (Softcover)

Paranoia - Criminal Histories (Softcover)

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    A character-building supplement by BILL O'DEA and the TRAITOR RECYCLING STUDIO

    Illustrated by JIM HOLLOWAY

    The PARANOIA rulebook's method for creating your Troubleshooter player character (PC) is, of course, perfect. Now your friend The Computer offers an even more perfect way to create PCs and the nonplayer characters who know and suspect them. This Criminal Histories rules supplement uses character kits and the amazing Prehistory Pachinko lifepath system to load your character with bonus skills and specialties, cool illegal equipment, highly placed contacts and a whole dossier of past accomplishments.

    True, some of your accomplishments were treasonous - and your high-clearance contacts may remember how you messed them over - and your teammates can now investigate your background and uncover your traitorous past. But take heart! Investigate them first,and accuse them before they accuse you! Some early roleplaying games had character creation rules that could kill your PC before the game began. Ha! In Criminal Histories your PARANOIA character can die multiple times before you go to your first briefing or shoot your first teammate. That's progress! You need the PARANOIA roleplaying game to use this supplement.

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