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Paranoia - Flashbacks Redux (Hardcover)

Paranoia - Flashbacks Redux (Hardcover)

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    The most popular missions are back, in their 25th Anniversary guise! Filled with hand-picked classic adventures from all previous editions of Paranoia, Flashbacks Redux is gaming hilarity at its greatest. Re-live the most terrifying moments of Me and My Shadow Mark IV, or revel in the confusion of Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues.

    These and many other classics are found in Flashbacks Redux, all suitable trimmed, tweaked and tailored for the latest edition of Paranoia: Troubleshooters. Contains:

    *The Mandatory Mission Pack

    * Clones in Space

    * Orcbusters

    * My First Treason

    * Yellow Clearence Black Box Blues

    * Code 7s

    * Me and My Shadow Mark 4

    * Pre Paranoia

    * Vapours Don't Shoot Back

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