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Paranoia - Sector Zero (Module)

Paranoia - Sector Zero (Module)

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    For use with the Paranoia roleplaying game.

    Just as ‘Code 7’ is Troubleshooter dispatchers’ jargon for a mission that promises certain death, so ‘Sector Zero’ is Alpha Complex slang for punishment duty. Troubleshooters ‘sent to Sector Zero’ face a dispiriting assignment nobody else wanted. Maybe they must supervise Armed Forces latrine scrubots, or administer experimental R&D medications to insane super-powered mutants. Or maybe those benighted Troubleshooters get in so much trouble they’re assigned the missions in this PARANOIA collection, Sector Zero. The three missions in this collection will entertain your players while making their Troubleshooters wish they’d called in sick.

    ‘Bubblegum Run’ sends the PCs on a couple of annoying errands into Junior Creches corrupted by Communist propaganda slipped into chewing-gum wrappers.

    In ‘The Dinner Party’, a BLUE citizen recruits the Troubleshooters for a dire emergency, on which the fate of Alpha Complex itself – uh, doesn’t depend at all. In fact, he wants the PCs to prepare an evening party for several high-clearance citizens. Well, what a relief! What could possibly go wrong?

    ‘Lightning Rod’ sends the Troubleshooters out onto the immense dome over Alpha Complex to set up an R&D experiment. And then another experiment. And another. Hey, what’s all that ominous-looking grey stuff gathering overhead?

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