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Paranoia XP - Crash Priority

Paranoia XP - Crash Priority

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    Ever since you started Gamemastering the PARANOIA XP roleplaying game, you've struggled to keep up with your players. Right? They always want new Troubleshooter missions in Alpha Complex -- new ways to compel fear and ignorance -- new reasons to loathe and suspect their fellow Troubleshooters new methods of dying repeatedly in the most absurdly arbitrary ways. Right?

    Oh, wait -- sorry -- you want all that stuff, not the players. You enjoy having The Computer throw its Troubleshooters into new hose-job no-win deathtrap fiascos, so you work hard to invent the best fiascos you can, work your brains out, all under a crash-priority deadline so you wonder why, why you ever became a Famous Game Designer.... Oh, wait -- sorry again -- look, let's start over. You, the Gamemaster, want new PARANOIA missions. This supplement, Crash Priority, gives you a bunch of missions. They're creative and funny. Buy them. (So it's not the most elegant sales pitch. We're on a deadline, okay?)

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