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For Magic Singles:
Card Condition: Unless individually specified, we pay the following percentages of our NM-Mint price for played cards: Light Play 85%, Moderate Play 70%, Heavy Play 50%, Damaged 25%
Language: Unless individually specified, we pay the following percentages of our English price for Non-English cards: 50% - All languages
In both of the above cases, please add to your cart as English, NM-Mint, unless otherwise available.

Step 1 – Use the search bar to find the cards you wish to sell and add quantities to your cart using the “SELL” button.
Step 2 – Once you finish adding cards to your Sell Cart, click “Submit Buylist”
Step 3 – Follow the system prompts to complete your sell order.
Step 4 – Wait for an approval email to be sent to you and double-check the quantities and prices in case of any changes. We reserve the right to refuse any buylist request, for any reason, at any time.
Step 5 – Sort single cards in the EXACT ORDER shown in your cart/approval email, as it may take more time to process your sale if they are not in the correct order, as well as additional sorting fees being deducted from your total. Also please ensure all cards with a buylist price under $10 are unsleeved.
Step 6 – Carefully package and ship the cards to our store address (see below), or come to the store to drop them off. Please mail or drop off your buylist within two days, or we will not be able to guarantee your buylist prices. For mail buys, the shipment must be postmarked within two business days of the approval email being sent.

Ship to:
Attn: Mail Buyer
Hairy Tarantula
3456 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4N 2N4

*Please note: We are not responsible for lost packages. We strongly recommend purchasing tracking to ensure we receive your cards in a timely fashion.

Step 7 – A notification email will be sent to you once we have received your cards.
Step 8 - When grading is complete, and deductions have been processed, you will receive another email with the revised total. You will have 48 hours to make any inquiries about deductions, or request any returns. All returns will be at seller's expense. If we do not receive an email inquiring about the deductions, we will assume you accept the deductions as-is.
Step 9 - Once any deductions have been accepted, or if there are no deductions, we will send you another email notifying you when payment has been sent. Store Credit payments are automatically added at this time.

International Sellers:

If we are assessed any import duties, taxes, or tariffs, these amounts will be deducted from your total.

Customers delivering in person:

If a trade is being immediately and expressly applied to an in-store sale, that trade will include the bonus *and* deduct from the sale price *before* applying HST.
Ex: Selling a card with a buylist price of $10 would yield a $12.50 discount on an immediate sale of $13, and HST would only be payable on $0.50